L’Arc Macau visits “National Security Education Exhibition”

(May 15, 2023 - Macau) L’Arc Macau has consistently upheld the spirit of “Loving the Motherland and Loving Macao” and actively promoted the importance of safeguarding national security to team members. On 15th May, Ms. Connie Kong, Chief Executive Officer of L’Arc Macau led the team members visited the “National Security Education Exhibition” to deepen the comprehensive understanding of national security and development among them.

The exhibition was divided into a prologue and five themed sections, with a focus on summarizing the significant achievements of national security in the new era and the major accomplishments of the “One Country, Two Systems” principle in Macau. During the visit, L’Arc Macau team members attentively viewed the exhibition content and had a multifaceted understanding on new great accomplishments achieved in the construction and development of the national security system, as well as gained insight on the achievements and experiences in terms of Macau social stability and economic development under the strong support from the Motherland.

One of the team members stated that he gained deeper understanding of the holistic view of national security and has raised national security awareness through this visit. He also expressed his pride in the strong development of Motherland and will continue to take part to safeguard the stability and prosperity of Macau.

Moving forward, L’Arc Macau will strive to make concerted efforts to actively contribute to the development of Macau by persisting in raising awareness of national security among team members as well as fulfilling the responsibility to safeguard national security and upholding the core value of “Loving the Motherland and Loving Macao”. 




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