L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team Visits Asilo de Felicity

(January 25, 2018 - Macau) L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team is actively organizing and participating in various volunteer activities, aiming to bring positive energy into the society. L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team visited the Asilo de Felicity on 25th January before the Chinese New Year sending festive greetings towards the elderly and spending a warm and happy moment together.

During the visit, L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team led the elderly to perform the warm-up exercise and shared health care knowledge to them. After that, they played interactive games with the elderly and they were very devoted to the games. The members also blessed the elderly with a joyful song and wished happiness be with them always. As the visit drew to an end, the members expressed their love and care to the elderly with gifts and wishing them a Happy Chinese New Year. “The purpose of organizing this activity is to show the warmth of love from the young people to the elderly, and carry forward the fine traditions of respecting and caring the elderly.” Mr. Stephen Pou, the Leader of L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team said.

In the future, L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team will continue to dedicate to volunteer activities, as to contribute to the community and fulfill corporate social responsibility with the spirit of “Show Your Love”.




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