L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team Award Presentation Ceremony 

(December 3, 2015 – Macau) L’Arc Macau has always been fulfilling corporate social responsibility and with the establishment of the L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team in the early 2015, the team has actively participated in different volunteer activities with the motto of “Show Your Love”. In order to recognize their outstanding dedication and contribution, the “L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team Award Ceremony” was held at the 4/F Banquet Hall of L’Arc Macau on 3rd December, and had the honor to invite the SJM Volunteer Team to share the joyful moment. At the same time, hoping to have an interaction exchange between both volunteer teams.

During the event, the chairperson of L’Arc Macau, Ms. Angela Leong, together with the director of SJM Volunteer Team, Mr. Fok Chi Chiu and the L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team leader participated in the kick off ceremony which implied that both volunteer teams will continue on spreading love and helpful spirit to the community. Ms. Angela Leong expressed her gratitude towards the L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team for their dedication and devotion to the society during their spare time. She expected to have more new members joining in the volunteer team and to spread the virtue of sharing love and care to the needed people. Through this ceremony, Ms. Angela Leong hoped that both volunteer teams can have an interaction exchange so as to develop their future volunteer activities plans and to motivate social services together. During the award ceremony, a total of 86 L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team members were awarded with the “Certificate of Appreciation” from Ms. Angela Leong; and a total of 7 members were awarded with the “Outstanding Volunteer Award“ for their long term dedication and contribution to spread the love and care to the needed people. 

The L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team proactively organized and participated in volunteer activities of all types. Upon the establishment of the team, a total of 16 volunteer activities have been held, giving priority to the caring of elderly and children, the PHAB integration and technical ability workshops. Furthermore, the L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team has always been devoted to assist in the development of volunteer activities in other social associations, such as the sports day and interest groups of the Macau Special Olympics, the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind visitation of Macau Social Services Centre and so on to share love and care to the society.







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