L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team Visits the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind 

(October 20, 2017 – Macau) With its continuous commitment to serve the community, L’Arc Macau has been actively participating in charitable activities to give a helping hand to the needy. L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team visited the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind at the Macau Holy House of Mercy on 20th October to raise awareness for the needs of the blind and to assist the visually impaired to integrate into the community.

The L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team members received a warm welcome from the members of the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind. They prepared gifts and interactive games aiming to build a relationship with the members at the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind. After the games, representatives from the centre introduced the Braille, a tactile writing system used by the visually impaired to provide the volunteers a glimpse into the daily life of the visually impaired. “The visually impaired may not be able to see, but they are using their own means to feel the world we are living in. I think it is important to give them an opportunity to fully integrate into the community,” a L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team member expressed.

L’Arc Macau encourages their staff to actively participate in volunteer activities and spreading the core value of “Show Your Love” to the community. L’Arc Macau will continue to support social service and charitable organizations to help creating a harmonized society.




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