L’Arc Macau Volunteers Participated Sign Language Songs Workshop

(July 08, 2015 – Macau) L’Arc Macau has always been integrated with organizing and participating in different social activities to share love to the community. 20 L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team members joined the sign language songs workshop that organized by the Macau Association of the Hearing Impaired, to enhance the interactions with the hearing impaired. 

Most volunteer team members had previously joined the April visit to the association and had a basic understanding of the sign language. During the event, the instructor and members from the association demonstrated the basic gestures of signing technique, followed by a balloon twisting session given by the hearing impaired. Everyone enjoyed the time in a mild ambiance filled with love and care.  

One of the volunteer team members said, “We are happy to participate in this sign language songs workshop, it served as a platform of communicating with the hearing impaired and to express our care to them. There is no limitation in communication and we should take the initiative to approach them. The event was meaningful to bring all the team members a remarkable memory of social activities involvement.”

Photo 1: L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team members enjoyed a remarkable sign language communication with the hearing impaired

Photo 2: L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team members performed the sign language songs with the hearing impaired


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