L’Arc Macau Launched Clothing Recycle Campaign to Care the Community

(03 Feb, 2016 – Macau) L’Arc Macau has always been taking the initiative to fulfill social responsibility by participating in volunteering activities and promoting the message of green recycling. As the Lunar New Year is approaching, the L’Arc Macau Volunteering Team has launched the “Clothing Recycling Campaign” again. Through the campaign, the message of recycling resources has been promote to all staff. L’Arc Macau hopes that their staff will send their love and care to the needy in the community while they are celebrating and enjoying the festive atmosphere. L’Arc Macau staff actively participated in this campaign and more than 1,000 clothes have been collected.

The L’Arc Volunteer Team leader along with the representative of volunteer members have visited and delivered the donated clothes to the Salvation Army of Macau on 03rd February. Some of these clothes will be sold in the Salvation Army Shop to raise funds for future charity activities, whereas the rest of the clothes will be donated to the people in needs within Macau, Hong Kong and the Mainland China. The main purpose of this campaign is to reinforce the message of reducing waste and to call for all staff to concern and care the needy in the community.

The L’Arc Volunteer Team is an active platform for staff to contribute more to the society through participating in different volunteering activities. They have recently organized the “Casa Ricci Elderly Center Visit” in late January, as to express their festival blessings to the elderly. In the future, L’Arc Macau will continue to organize series of activities to step forward in the caring of the local community.



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