L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team Visits The Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind

(December 6, 2016 – Macau) L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team has always been promoting corporate social responsibility since its establishment. By organizing different volunteer work and activities, they aim to help the needy in the community with their staff. As to drive caring about the needs of the blind among the community, L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team visited the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind of the Macau Holy House of Mercy on 6th December, at the same time expressing their love and care to the society.

On the visit day, L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team representative explained the objectives and goals for L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team. In order to have an understanding of the world of the blind, they learned the concept and the method of using the braille and the walking stick. Before the activity ended, both L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team and the centre members involved in interactive games to improve relationships with each other. “Although the visual impaired cannot see the same world as we do, they never give up themselves and live positively. Through this activity, I hope we could learn to face our challenges and obstacles optimistically, and at the same time spreading this positive spirit to others,” the L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team member representative said.

L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team has always been encouraging their staff to participate in different volunteer work and spreading the core value of “Show Your Love”. In the future, they will continue to organize different volunteer activities to bring in positive energy to the community.




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