L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team Celebrates Children’s Day through Painting Workshop

(May 28, 2018 - Macau) L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team visited the Macau Special Olympics (MSO) on the eve of Children’s Day to celebrate the festival with the MSO children and organized a tote bag painting workshop.

As to celebrate the Children’s Day, L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team visited the MSO on 26th May and led the MSO children to participate in a tote bag painting workshop. The volunteer team and the MSO children spent the time together to let their creativity flow by drawing their own tote bags. At the end of the workshop, the children enjoyed the refreshments and chatted with the volunteer team in a cheerful atmosphere. The volunteer team also expressed their love and care by gifting the children. A volunteer team member said that it is meaningful to participate in this activity on the eve of Children’s Day which enabling them to deliver their festive blessings to the children as well as to stimulate their creative thinking through art painting. 

L’Arc Macau has always actively participated in various charitable activities and volunteering works, supporting its volunteer team to contribute to the society and to raise the awareness of vulnerable populations with the spirit of “Show Your Love”.


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