L’Arc Macau Awards “Employee of the 4th Quarter of 2017” 

(January 17, 2018 - Macau) As to appreciate the continuous contribution of the employee, L’Arc Macau has been organizing the “Employee of the Quarter” Awarding Ceremony since 2010. The awardees are selected by their department heads based on “Quality of Work”, “Service Attitudes”, “Commitment”, ”Teamwork” and other important criterias. The “Employee of the 4th Quarter of 2017” was held on 17th January at the Hotel Staff Cafeteria, the Management of L’Arc Macau had joined the ceremony together with employees from different departments witnessing the birth of the awardees. The monthly staff party was held at the same time providing a variety of delicacies, interactive games and lucky draw sessions, sharing the joyful moments with other employees.

The 10 awardees of this quarter are Food & Beverage - Liang Jinfeng, Housekeeping - Hu Aidi, Corporate Communications - Chio Si Wan, Finance - Lam Fai Weng, Human Resources - Ieong Mou Kit, Engineering - Xu Bin, Casino Operations - Sin Weng Fai, Ho Iao Chon, Casino Security - Lam Choi Lin and Casino Treasury - Cheang In Chan. Mr. Leung Man Kit, the Chief Financial Officer of L’Arc Macau presented certificates and dining vouchers to the awardees as an encouragement towards their efforts. The awardees expressed their gratefulness for the continuous support from their supervisors and colleagues, and hope to grow with the Company and maximize their potential for providing excellence service to the customers in the future.

L’Arc Macau always values the personal development of their employees and encourage them to enhance professional knowledge and skills by providing on-the-job trainings, to facilitate their career development.



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