Green Practices of L’Arc Macau

(July 18, 2017 – Macau) L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team organized a series of recycling activities to encourage employees participating in environmental protection. Besides “Clothing Recycling Activity”, “Red Packet Recycling Activity” and “Used Batteries Recycling Activity” are newly launched in this year, to enhance the environmental awareness of the employees.

The “Red Packet Recycling Activity” has made a great impact between the staff within three weeks. It was encouraged with an outstanding result by achieving over 4,000 red packets. L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team delivered the collected red packets to Instituto para os Assuntos Cívicos e Municipais (IACM), and IACM will distribute part of the red packets to public for reuse, and the remaining will be recycled after sorting. 

Response to the battery recycling programme launched by Direcção dos Serviços de Protecção Ambiental (DSPA), L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team has organized a monthly “Used Batteries Recycling Activity” by setting up the battery collection points in hotel since April. The activity has received great attention from the staff, and has hitherto collected nearly a thousand of single-use batteries and rechargeable batteries. The collected batteries will be sorted by the Volunteer Team before sent to the collection points set by DSPA. Reducing harmful effects caused by wasted batteries to environment by actual efforts.

The “Clothing Recycling Activity” has always been supported by the staff. L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team relaunched this activity in June after the completion in February. This time, the Volunteer Team successfully collected thousands of pieces of clothing, and delivered it to the Salvation Army of Macau by the representatives of the Volunteer Team on 18th July. Some of the donated clothes are sold in Family Stores in Hong Kong and Macau to raise funds for The Salvation Army’s community programmes; some of the clothes will be donated to the people in needs, making the best use of the resources and also caring the community to practice the spirit of contributing to society and fostering mutual love.

L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team is leading employees to engage in environmental protection and promote environmental awareness through a series of recycling activities. In the future, L’Arc Macau will continue to commit its corporate social responsibility, promote recycling and reduce waste at source to drive a low-carbon and green life in Macau with the employees.




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