L’Arc Macau 7th Anniversary Celebration Activity
L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team Visits Macau Communications Museum with Casa Ricci Elderly Center Members 

(August 19, 2016 – Macau) L’Arc Macau has organized a series of volunteering activities as part of the 7th Anniversary celebration. Right after the Dinosaur Exhibition activity with the Evangelize China Fellowship children in early July and the blood donation in July and August, L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team joined the Communications Museum Explorer Tour together with Casa Ricci Elderly Center members. They all enjoyed a joyful moment in the afternoon.

On the visit day, L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team and Casa Ricci Elderly Center members joined “The Voice” exhibition guided by the docent, to understand the complexity and different aspects of the voice. Casa Ricci Elderly Center members showed their energetic spirits when involving in the interactive exhibits, which created a pleasant atmosphere during the tour. By the end of the activity, the Volunteer Team members sent their gifts with blessings and appreciation towards the elderly. They expressed that they now have better understanding towards the elderly, and can also learn different life experiences from them. They hope to put an effort on the future volunteering activities to share love and care to others. 

L’Arc Macau Volunteer Team has always been promoting corporate social responsibility and different volunteer works and activities actively since its establishment. Within a year, the Volunteer Team has organized activities for the underprivileged groups, such as visiting the Macao Giant Panda Pavilion, the Dinosaur Exhibition and hosting the blood donation, convening over 900 staff to join the volunteer work. They aim to share the team spirit of “Show your Love” and also love and care to the community.




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